When should I start alterations on my Wedding Dress?

When should I start alterations on my Wedding Dress?


  1. Initial Fitting Appointment:
    • Schedule the initial fitting appointment with the bridal boutique or seamstress well in advance. Aim to do this approximately 6-8 months before the wedding date. This allows ample time for any adjustments and ensures availability.
  2. Selecting the Dress:

    • Ensure the wedding dress has been selected and purchased before scheduling alterations. It's crucial to have the actual dress on hand for accurate fittings.
  3. First Fitting (6-8 Months Before Wedding):

    • Attend the first fitting appointment. During this session, discuss the desired alterations with the seamstress or tailor. Common alterations include hemming, taking in or letting out the bodice, adjusting straps, and adding bustle points for the train.
  4. Second Fitting (4-6 Months Before Wedding):

    • Schedule the second fitting to check the progress of the alterations. At this stage, the dress should start taking shape according to the desired modifications. Confirm that the fit is comfortable and address any additional adjustments needed.
  5. Final Fitting (2-3 Months Before Wedding):

    • Plan the final fitting to ensure that all alterations are completed. This fitting allows for any last-minute tweaks and ensures that the dress fits perfectly. Bring along the wedding shoes and any undergarments to finalize the look.
  6. Collection of the Altered Dress (1-2 Months Before Wedding):

    • Collect the altered dress well in advance, typically 1-2 months before the wedding. This provides a buffer in case any unexpected issues arise or if additional minor adjustments are required.
  7. Trial Run (1 Month Before Wedding):

    • Conduct a trial run wearing the complete ensemble, including accessories and undergarments, to ensure everything fits seamlessly. This allows time for any final adjustments and provides peace of mind.
  8. Final Check (1 Week Before Wedding):

    • Perform a final check on the dress to ensure it's in perfect condition. Store the dress carefully, hanging it up or placing it in a garment bag to prevent wrinkles.
  9. Wedding Day:

    • On the wedding day, allow sufficient time to get dressed, factoring in any assistance needed with the gown. Enjoy the moment in your perfectly altered wedding dress!

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